EGEA-EGEA Plus Model Fume Cupboard

Extraction cupboard for work which generates non-corrosive gases and laboratory fumes.

Outwardly, it is constructed using melamine and aluminum panels and lateral profiles made of glass, while high density compact resin panels are used in the interior.

The front door consists of a guillotine with laminated glass, employing a double pulley safety system that prevents the door from falling in case of breakage or human error.

As a complementary service, it is equipped with an LED lighting display with a switch on the control panel and an extractor mounted within an acoustic hood.

The cupboard can also be equipped for electrical services, such as channels and plugs, located at the bottom inside of the cupboard, or under the work envelope if it is desktop unit, among other services.

They can be built either as full body or benchtop units.

Unit dimensions are tailored to client specifications.