Special Models

Our exclusive two-sided facing fume cupboard, built in compliance with the directives mentioned above and equipped with all requisite active and passive safety components, possesses different qualities and has other potential uses compared to conventional units, both in terms of layout and performance features.

The units may be placed in the center of a room, individually or collectively, without creating a complete visual barrier. It can be paired with central and auxiliary tables, washing modules, and similar, forming a compact and complete work area on either side.

The units may also be placed perpendicularly to a wall, such as between two windows, which would not otherwise allow placing two separate or semi-detached standard cupboards due to the lack of available space.

These features are complemented by the fact that the unit allows carrying out work jointly, working face to face, or carrying out two separate tasks independently, with practically the same energy use and at a lower cost of acquisition and installation than two conventional units.