VGB Model Fume and Solvent Cupboard

Fume cupboards for the extraction of low-concentration corrosive gases and handling solvents in moderate amounts.

Cupboard interior constructed using acid-resistant and self-extinguishing thermostable resin panels.

All the latest generation active and passive safety components comply with EN14175 and ISO9001:2015 quality control manufacturing directives. In addition, they are equipped with an exclusive electrical cable and fluid gland system that further enhances their safety.

For the handling of certain acids, the entire interior of the work cupboard can be coated with technical stoneware, which comes in large format tiles or in tempered glass.

Depending on the products being handled, all cupboards can incorporate specific filters and different types of gas washers, as well as be equipped in compliance with ATEX equipment directives.

They can be built either as full body or benchtop units.